Damas Nawanda
Damas Nawanda
Concept Artist | damasnawanda@gmail.com
Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Damas is an Indonesian-based concept artist working in the entertainment industry. His involvement can be found in shows such as Pasoa dan Sang Pemberani, and documentary feature Banda, The Dark Forgotten Trail. His roles include art director, concept artist, illustrator, storyboard artist, to game UI designer.

He started his career as an illustrator for a game studio he founded, Amagine Interactive in 2011. After 3 years and shipping 4 mobile games, he went on to pursue Masters of Creative Technology degree in University of Bristol, UK. This allowed the flexibility of using new tools, finding new approaches and to have in-depth research for his solutions. Soon after, he debuted as an art director for a documentary feature called Banda, The Dark Forgotten Trail. In 2017, he delved deeper into concept art in FZD School of Design.

Available for freelance jobs.

Contact email: damasnawanda@gmail.com